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Philippa’s Newsletter – April 2019

April in my Garden by Philippa Thomas Imagine, our days are longer than our nights now.  So our plants are responding with more rapid growth.  Possibly, April is the busiest time of the year in the garden. ‘April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks go.’ Christopher Morley. Every day now, there is [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – March 2019

My Garden by Philippa Thomas Is not Sorrento Park, Dillons Park, Our Vico Strip, Killiney Hill, Bullock Harbour, Dalkey Island, Hyde Park, Cuala - All our green areas, our parks, - simply THE LUNGS OF OUR TOWN WITH ITS  'VILLAGE' ATMOSPHERE. MAYBE, 'BEE' THE DIFFERENCE, GREEN UP YOUR WALLS. Perhaps too, consider a small ornamental tree. [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter. December 2018 – January 2019

My Garden by Philippa Thomas Wishing You All, The Warmest Greetings Of The Season And Best Wishes For Happiness In 2019. Berries are the jewels of our December gardens as well of course, being a festive treat for our birds.  Our feathered friends love Holly, Mistletoe, Pyracantha, Cotoneaster, Hawthorn, Crab Apples and Rosehips [...]

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Lilioceris Lilii, the red lily beetle by Peter E Lynch

If you grow lilies or fritiillaries you will have this bright lacquered red beetle pest. I first saw lily beetles in my garden about 2014. They were more a curiosity, and after I found and killed the two of them, there was no sign the rest of the year. From then I would occasionally come across them doing no particular damage and delete them on sight.

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Philippa’s Newsletter – November 2018

My Garden by  Philippa Thomas In general, our plants have recovered remarkably from our long drought spell of our Summer and now, our ‘most dry spell’ takes its place in memory.  As our leaves are still falling and our days of wind and rain are gaining in numbers: as well as wrapping ourselves up in [...]

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Notes by Dr Mary Toomey on the Talk ‘Hellebores and Friends’ given by Dr Julian Sutton at our Club Night on Tuesday, 23rd October 2018.

The talk on Hellebores and Friends on Tuesday, 23rd October by Dr Julian Sutton was excellent.  While there are numerous cultivars of hellebores it was good to learn more about some splendid species and their role in hybridization. I grow a few species and they help me welcome spring with cheerful anticipation. I watch H. x ericsmithii stir into action [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – October 2018

My Garden by Philippa Thomas As our Autumn seems to be tightening its cooling grip on our beloved gardens and as our flaunting Summer blooms fade religiously into a sodden brown mushy mess, we realise our Winter is on its way and our shorter days and first frosts trigger plants to shut down for Winter [...]

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Autumn Trip to Co Wicklow 2018

On Wednesday morning 12th September thirty members of Foxrock Garden Club met bright and early for the final garden visit of the 2018 season. We set off for Co. Wicklow on a lovely Autumn morning to visit the gardens of two well known gardeners namely Jimi Blake of Hunting Brook near Blessington and T.J. Maher [...]

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