Club Library

Books can be borrowed at Club meetings by prior arrangement. Full details will follow later.

Number Title Category Author Publisher Year
H002 Making a White Garden Garden Design Joan Clifton Weidenfeild & Nicolson
H003 Gardening without Chemicals – Which? Guide ┬áPests and Deseases Alistair Ayers Hodder & Stoughton
H008 Getting the Best from Lime-Free Gardens General Gardening Alan Toogood Ward Lock
H011 The Complete Guide to Conservatory Plants House Plants Ann Bonar Collins & Brown
H014 The Garden in Flower Month-by-Month General Gardening John Kelly David & Charles
H018 Plant for Tubs & Patios Container Gardening Yvonne Taverne Magna Books
H021 Colour Dictionary of House Plants House Plants Peter McHoy Marshall Cavendish
H024 Bloom General Gardening B Chudziak, A Swithinbank Channel 4 Book
H031 Container Gardening Through the Year Container Gardening Malcolm Hillier Dorling Kindersley
H034 Garden Artistry Garden Design Helen Dillon MacMillan
H036 The New Garden Garden Design John Brookes Dorling Kindersley
H038 The Container Gardening Encyclopedia Reference Sue Phillips Salamander
H039 1000 Handy Gardening Hints General Gardening Alan Titchmarsh Hamlyn
H040 The Tree Book Shrubs and Trees J Edward Milner Collins & Brown
H041 The Gardener’s Colour Guide Garden Design Ed Jane Good Camden House Publishing
H042 Companion Planting Garden Design Richard Bird Strathearn
H047 Colour Garden Garden Design Malcolm Hillier Dorling Kindersley
H051 The City Gardener Small Gardens Meg Herd Angus & Robertson
H052 Plants for the Container Garden Container Gardening Peter Thurman Pavilion Books
H054 Small Garden with Style Small Gardens Jill Billington Ward Locke
H055 Patios, Pots and Window Boxes Container Gardening Sue & Roger Norman Siena Books
H059 The Rose, An Encyclopedia of N American Roses Roses Sean McCann Stackpole Books
H063 Garden Design Book Garden Design John Brookes Dorling Kindersley
H065 RHS Pruning & Training General Gardening C Brickell, D Joyce Dorling Kindersley
H069 New Ways with Dried Flowers Flower Arranging Fiona Barnett Hermes House
H071 Herbs Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs Magda Ironside Wood Cavendish
H072 The Alpine Plants of China Rock & Alpine Plants Zhang Kingwei Science Press, China
H073 Creating Your Own Japanese Garden Garden Design Takashi Sawano Shufunotomo (Japan)
H074 The Rose & Clematis as Good Companions Roses John Howells Garden Art Press
H075 The Bold & Brilliant Garden Garden Design Sarah Raven Frances Lincoln
H076 Start to Plant Rock & Alpine Gardens Rock & Alpine Plants Graham A Pavey Greenwich Editions
H077 Start to Plant Container Gardens Container Gardening Graham A Pavey Greenwich Editions
H078 Climbing Plants Clematis & Climbers Samuel Burian R&B
H084 Practical Guide to Fuchsias Shrubs and Trees Carol Gubber Coombe Books
H085 The New Indoor Plant Book House Plants John Evans Kyle Cathie Ltd
H087 RHS Annuals & Biennials Annuals & Biennials Ed Neil Kelly Dorling Kindersley
H089 The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Penstemons Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses D Way & P James Timber Press
H090 Garden Design Garden Design John Brookes Dorling Kindersley
H091 An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis Clematis & Climbers Dr Mary Toomey & Everett Leeds Timber Press
H092 Plant Partners Garden Design Anna Pavord Dorling Kindersley
H093 A Flower Arranger’s World Flower Arranging Derek Bridges Promotional Reprint Co Ltd
H094 Hidden Gardens of the Channel Islands Reference Lynne Jenner Capensis Publishing
H095 Colour for Adventurous Gardeners General Gardening Christopher Lloyd BBC Worldwide
H096 No Time to Garden General Gardening Anne Swithinbank Frances Lincoln Ltd
H098 Garden Masterclass General Gardening John Brookes Dorling Kindersley
H100 The Origin of Plants History Maggie Campbell-Culver Headline
H102 Gift Book of Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Julia Clements Hamlyn
H103 Glorious Gardens of Ireland Reference Melanie Eclare Kyle Cathie Ltd
H106 Plants for Problem Areas General Gardening Colour Library Direct
H108 RHS Propagating Plants Propagation Ed Alan Toogood Covent Garden Books
H109 Clematis & Climbers Clematis & Climbers Lance Hattatt Parragon
H111 Great Plants for Small Gardens Small Gardens Nigel Colborn
H112 RHS Fruit &Vegetable Gardening Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs Michael Pollard Dorling Kindersley
H113 The New Book of Salvias Shrubs and Trees Betsy Clebsch Timber Press
H114 Good Plant Guide Reference RHS Dorling Kindersley
H115 The Well-Tended Perennial Garden Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Tracy Di Sabato-Aust Timber Press
H117 Peonies Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Allan Rogers Timber Press
H118 The Daylily Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses John Peat, Ted Petit Timber Press
H119 Ornamental Grasses Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Rick Darke Timber Press
H120 Truly Tiny Gardens Small Gardens Thomasin Tarling Conran Octopus
H121 A Year in a Victorian Garden History Henry A Bright Select Editions
H122 Great Little Gardens Small Gardens Anthony Noel Frances Lincoln Ltd
H123 The Complete Flower Arranger Flower Arranging Pamela Westland Acropolis Books
H125 Planning Your Garden Garden Design A de Verteuil, V Burton Tiger
H126 Roses – Kew Gardening Guides Roses David Welch Collingridge
H127 Gardening in a Small Place Small Gardens Lance Hattatt Colour Library Direct
H129 Complete Book of House Plants House Plants Halina Heintz Collins
H130 Container Gardening for All Seasons Container Gardening Readers’ Digest
H131 The Story of Gardening History Penelope Hobhouse Dorling Kindersly
H140 Gardening with Herbs Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs George Carter
H141 Pests & Diseases Pests and Diseases Gardening Which
H142 Irish Botanical Illustrators & Flower Painters Botanical Illustration Patricia Butler Antique Collectors’ Clug
H143 Complete Flower Arranging Course Flower Arranging Daphne Vagg Random House
H144 The Curious Gardeners’ Six Elements of Garden Design Garden Design Guy Cooper & Gordon Taylor Headline
H145 Gardens Through Time History Jane Owen & Diarmuid Gavin BBC Books
H146 Making Gardens Garden Design Erica Hunningher Cassell &Co
H147 Royal Gardeners History Alan Titchmarsh BBC Books
P001 The Flowering Shrub Expert Shrubs and Trees D G Hessayan Expert Books
P003 The Rock & Water Garden Expert Rock & Alpine Plants Dr D G Hessayon PBI Publications
P005 The Fruit Expert Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs Dr D G Hessayon PBI Publications
P006 The Rose Expert Roses Dr D G Hessayon Expert Books
P007 The Bulb Expert Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Dr D G Hessayon Expert Books
P008 The Easy-Care Gardening Expert General Gardening Dr D G Hessayon Expert Books
P009 Best Foliage Shrubs Shrubs and Trees Stefan Buezacki Hamlyn
P010 Gardening with Old Roses Roses A Sinclair, R Thodey Cassel
P011 Propagation Propagation Tony Derrick Collins
P020 Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes & Patios Container Gardening Madge Green Foulsham
P028 Moisture-Loving Plants General Gardening Philip Swindells Ward Lock
P030 Fuchsias Shrubs and Trees George Wells RHS Cassell
P033 Book of Container Gardening Container Gardening Anne Swithinbank BBC
P034 House Plants, A-Z of Top 100 House Plants House Plants Anne Swithinbank BBC Gardeners’ World
P035 The Plant Growth Planner General Gardening Caroline Boisset Mitchel Beazley
P036 Perennials Vol 1 Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Roger Phillips & M Rix MacMillan
P038 The Virgin’s Bower Clematis & Climbers William Robinson British Clematis Society
P039 Rock Gardening, Step-by-step Guide Rock & Alpine Plants Martina Eva Richter Aura Books
P040 Clematis and Other Climbing Plants Clematis & Climbers Nicholas Hall Aura Books
P042 The Lawn Expert Lawns Dr D G Hessayon Expert Books
P043 Growing Plants from Seed Propagation John Kelly Ward Lock
P045 Water Gardens – Wisley Handbook General Gardening K Aslet, J Warwick RHS
P052 Complete Book of Plant Propagation Propagation G Clarke & A Toogood Ward Lock
P060 RHS Plant Guides – Bulbs Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Ed Charlotte Stock Dorling Kindersley
P061 Organic Gardening Organic & Wildlife Gardening Ed Geoff Hamilton Dorling Kindersley
P062 Propagation from Cuttings Propagation Jim Gardiner Cassell
P065 Hanging Baskets Container Gardening Jenny Hendy & Neil Sutherland Whitecop Books
P068 My Experience Growing Hardy Geraniums Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Phoebe Noble Trio Investments
P068 My Experience Growing Hardy Geraniums Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Phoebe Noble Trio Investments
P072 Garden Plants Made Easy General Gardening Jane Fearnley-Whitlingstall Weidenfeld & Nicolson
P077 Other People’s Gardens General Gardening Christohper Lloyd Penguin
P079 Garden Style Garden Design Gerry Daly
P080 Jekka’s Complete Herb Book Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs Jekka McVicar Kyle Cathie Ltd
P081 Clematis, The Complete Guide Clematis & Climbers Ruth Gooch Crowood Press
P086 The Flower Expert General Gardening Dr D G Hessayon PBI Publications
P087 The Rock Garden & Its Plants Rock & Alpine Plants Graham Stuart Thomas Dent
P089 On Gardening General Gardening Helen Dillon Town House
P090 Rock Plants Rock & Alpine Plants Charlotte Stock Dorling Kindersley
P091 Salad Plants Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs R Phillips & M Rix Pan
P092 RHS Plant Finder 2004 – 2005 Reference Ed Tony Lord Dorling Kindersley
P093 RHS Roses – Practical Guide Roses Linden Hawthorne Dorling Kindersley
P094 Lilies Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Andrew Mikolajski Lorenz Books
P096 Plant Propagation Propagation Philip McMillan Browse RHS Mitchell Beazley
P098 Perfect Plants General Gardening R Phillips & M Rix MacMillan
P099 RHS Small Gardens Small Gardens John Moreland or ? Pamela Brown Dorling Kindersly
P101 Zen Gardens Garden Design Erik Borja Seven Dials
P102 The Summer Garden General Gardening Jill Billington Ward Locke
P105 Clematis Clematis & Climbers Dr Mary Toomey Hamlyn
P106 Planting with Colour Garden Design Nori & Sandra Pope Conran Octopus
P107 The New Small Garden Book Small Gardens John Brookes Dorling Kindersly
P108 Houseplants House Plants D Squire & N Sutherland Parragon
P109 Gardening Hints & Tips General Gardening Pippa Greenwood Dorling Kindersley
P110 The Woodland Garden General Gardening Jack Elliott AGS Publications
P111 The Flowering Shrub Expert Shrubs and Trees Dr D G Hessayon Expert Books
P112 The Rothschild Gardens History Miriam Rothschild Gaia Books Ltd
P114 Ornamental Grasses Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Alan Toogood Harper Collins
P115 Herb Gardening – Step-by-step Guide Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs Robert Sulzberger Aura Books
P120 The Tree & Shrub Expert Shrubs and Trees Dr D G Hessayon
P121 Wild Flowers Organic & Wildlife Gardening Neil Fletcher DK 2004
P122 Start to Plant Container Gardens Container Gardening Graham A Pavey Greenwich Editions
P123 The Rose Expert Roses Dr D G Hessayon
P124 The Practical Gardening Handbook General Gardening Assorted Authours
P125 Birds & Wildlife in Your Garden Organic & Wildlife Gardening Dr Catherine O’Connell Irish Peatland Conservation
P126 Trees for Small Gardens Shrubs and Trees Susan Conder Collins & Sons
P127 Straight Talking Wild Organic & Wildlife Gardening Eanna Ni Lamhna Town House
P128 Garden Centres & Gardens of Great Britain Reference Barbara Vesey Travel Publishing
P129 RHS Garden Finder 2006 – 2007 Reference Charles Quest Ritson Think Books
P130 Gardens of Ireland Reference Terence Reeves-Smyth Mitchell Beazley
P131 Planning a Small Garden Garden Design Robin Williams Collins
P132 The New Flower Expert Bulbs, Perennials & Grasses Dr DB Hessayan Expert Books
P133 The Bedding Plant Expert Annuals & Biennials Dr DB Hessayan Expert Books
P134 The House Plant Expert House Plants Dr DB Hessayan Expert Books
R001 RHS Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers Reference Christopher Brickell Dorling Kindersley
R005 RHS Encylopedia of Gardening Reference Ed Christoper Brickell Dorling Kindersley
R006 RHS A-Z Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants, Vol 1 Reference Christopher Brickell Dorling Kindersley
R007 RHS A-Z Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants, Vol 2 Reference Christopher Brickell Dorling Kindersley