On Saturday 23rd, July, 24 members of our club travelled to the Arboretum Garden Centre in Tullow to hear Diarmuid Gavin at the opening of the Carlow Garden Festival.  Diarmuid gave us a very entertaining talk on his life as a garden designer from his early years when he was struggling to make ends meet to the present where we see him creating gardens all around the globe.  It was creating gardens for the Chelsea Flower Show that brought him to pominence and he spoke about what it was like to create a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show.  After he spoke, Helen Dillon and Carmel Duignan gave a very good double act outlining their contribution to Diarmuid’s show garden this past May.    It was a most enjoyable day.

On Friday, 29th July, 40 members of our club are travelling once more to the Carlow Garden Festival, this time in the famous gardens of Altamont where we will hear Carl Wright, John Massey and James Alexander-Sinclair. We are looking forward to hearing these three inspiring speakers.