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Members’ Contributions

Lilioceris Lilii, the red lily beetle by Peter E Lynch

If you grow lilies or fritiillaries you will have this bright lacquered red beetle pest. I first saw lily beetles in my garden about 2014. They were more a curiosity, and after I found and killed the two of them, there was no sign the rest of the year. From then I would occasionally come across them doing no particular damage and delete them on sight.

Philippa’s Newsletter – March 2018

My Garden by Philippa Thomas March is truly, the first month of Spring and with longer days and rising temperatures, our gardens are coming alive.  …Having said ‘This’, March too, can be unpredictable.  …March is [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter – October 2017

My Garden by Philippa Thomas As our temperature drops and our days shorten, our varied incredibly beautiful leaves are falling daily…  Indeed, Is ‘THIS’ – Not Our Fall.  Isn’t Our Autumn, such a [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter – March 2017

My Garden by Philippa Thomas Our Winter is finally slipping away to reveal our Spring, In Our Dalkey Air…So, we’re almost ready to discard our firesides, sofas, blankets and gardening books.  No one who gardens [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter November 2016

MY GARDEN by Philippa Thomas Our leaves are falling as well as our temperatures. Isn’t there always something to be doing in our gardens, be it pruning, tidying or sowing/planting.  Nevertheless, there is something easy [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter October 2016

My Garden by Philippa Thomas As our leaves change into their brilliant Autumn colours and our seasonal berries show off their vibrance, our late flowers too, have taken over such as Dahlias, Nerines, Chrysanthemums and [...]

Philippa’s newletter September 2016

My Garden by Philippa Thomas Our September days are noticeably shorter yet our gardens can still remain a riot of colour and life, throughout this coming season.  Some of us may have rescued a favourite plant [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter August 2016

MY GARDEN by Philippa Thomas August is Our Month of Sheer Magnificence in Our Gardens. So many flowers are in bloom such as Agapanthus, different types of Hydrangeas, Crocosmias, Lilies, Asters, Cosmos, Heleniums, Nicotianas, Fuchsias, [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter June 2016

MY GARDEN by Philippa Thomas June is almost everybody’s favourite month in the garden. The longest days of the year and our peak of annual growth occur this month.  Would you not agree, our days [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter May 2016

MY GARDEN by Phillipa Thomas With our evenings getting longer every week, is this not the ideal time to get out into our gardens and do all those jobs we have been putting off? We [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter April 2016

MY GARDEN by Phillipa Thomas April is a Showy Month with many Spring Shrubs and Flowering Trees in bloom, including Magnolias, Cherries and Rhododendrons. Our days are now longer than our nights and our light [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter March 2016

My Garden by Philippa Thomas Our March Of Many Weathers ……. Our longer evenings, that first genuine heat from the sun through our glass. The frenzy of birdsong and just to see the way our [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter Dec 15 – Jan 16

My Garden by Philippa Thomas.   Wishing all our Dalkey residents, our relatives and our drop-in-friends the happiest of Christmases and then Wishing Us All, Warm Wishes, Good Health, Hope, A Little Sparkle and of course, [...]

Philippa’s Newsletter, November 2015

My Garden, November 2015 by Philippa Thomas Isn’t the season of Autumn colour, one of the most beautiful?  Remember, the bounty of Autumn in our treasured Dalkey and in our Dalkey gardens, is also the [...]

Phillippa’s Newsletter, October 2015

My Garden, October 2015 by Philippa Thomas With our clocks going back and our days drawing in, our gardening time might feel curtailed but our autumnal days can often be glorious.  We awaken to a [...]

Vine Weevils by Peter Lynch

The Vine Weevil appears near the top of every list of annoying insects. It is very destructive and immediate action should be taken if you come across it. This article by Club member Peter Lynch [...]