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Philippa’s Newsletter – August 2018

August in my Garden by Philippa Thomas Even in the height of Summer, gardening requires us to slow down, contemplate and appreciate details in life that can easily be missed if running around at full speed.  Is gardening not Green Therapy? – It too, can contribute huge benefits towards bereavement, many illnesses and [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – June 2018

My Garden by Philippa Thomas Our longest day of the year is June 21st.  Our extra warmth and light encourages our gardens to put on an exuberant burst of growth.  The risk of frost has passed but maybe pause a thought for 10/11 weeks ago or so, Our Incredible Dalkey In Our Incredible Snow.  And [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – May 2018

My Garden by Philippa Thomas A profusion of buds and flowers and gorgeous wafts of scent and then, maybe somewhere cool green, to sit in.  This is what we seem to want from our gardens, patios, balconies in Summer; ‘Seasonality in the garden’, - It’s our season for exotics which may have spent the rest [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – March 2018

My Garden by Philippa Thomas March is truly, the first month of Spring and with longer days and rising temperatures, our gardens are coming alive.  …Having said ‘This’, March too, can be unpredictable.  …March is a busy time of the year in the greenhouse as it’s time to sow many plants.  Make sure, you have [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – February 2018

February in My Garden by Philippa Thomas With Spring just around the corner, there is plenty to do in the garden…  Our days are definitely lengthening and officially, our Spring has arrived.  …Even though it may still be cold, damp and miserable outdoors an occasional dose of sunshine might certainly put the gardening [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – December 2017

My Garden by Philippa Thomas As we approach the shortest day of the year This December, Winter is tightening its grip.  Winter temperatures in December and January can be at their coldest, making food and water a Wildlife Lifeline.  …Maybe, consider which berrying and seed-bearing plants you can add to your plot to [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – October 2017

My Garden by Philippa Thomas As our temperature drops and our days shorten, our varied incredibly beautiful leaves are falling daily…  Indeed, Is ‘THIS’ – Not Our Fall.  Isn’t Our Autumn, such a dramatic season and as our soil is warm, it is the ideal time for planting… Every New Day Is A [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – September 2017

My Garden by Philippa Thomas Summer will hopefully, be having its final fling this month, giving us some lovely warm days to enjoy…  So many of us spend time in our gardens, almost every single day and the pleasure it gives us is indescribable.  …To some of us, …it is our paradise. Bulbs. [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – August 2017

My Garden by Philippa Thomas August is our last true month of Summer in Ireland so with summer in full swing, our focus turns to watering, weeding, deadheading and filling odd gaps. …So, let’s leap into our hopefully, endless, balmy sunny days – let’s sit out, wile about and really enjoy our plant [...]

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Philippa’s Newsletter – June 2017

My Garden by Philippa Thomas June is the 6th month of the year to have the length of 30 days and June 21st, is the longest day of the year… Is summer not ‘here’, - wow, we certainly have an abundance, a burst of lush growth and vibrant colours…  Nevertheless, remember, this extra light and [...]

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