Introduction by Dr Mary Toomey:

Right from the very beginning of my association with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland I was most anxious to do my best to make the most of an expansive high walled area around the new purpose built Day Care & Respite Centre at Blackrock and create a restful and a year around colourful and fragrant garden.  As always there is never enough funding for all the essential work charitable organizations wish to do. The Alzheimer Society is no exception. While the Society realized the importance of a suitable garden for its residents it simply could not allocate large sums of money to get the garden planted and maintained. There was a sort of a garden, and the weeds were a-plenty. So my task was not easy but in my mind the task of creating and maintaining a suitable garden was urgent. I was most anxious that the Alzheimer Society garden should boast truly tried and tested safe and healthy plants (safety of the residents walking in the garden is absolutely essential) – trees, shrubs, climbers and herbaceous perennials with impressive pedigree.  Plants take time to grow and time was of the essence. Thanks to many generous people – gardeners and others – and a couple of organizations we managed to get some funding. Next item on my agenda was to get some volunteer gardeners to help create and maintain the garden. An appeal to the committee and members of the Foxrock and District Garden Club brought some generous, enthusiastic and dedicated gardeners to give of their time and help in the evolving Alzheimer Society Garden. We met every Wednesday during spring, summer and autumnal months.