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May 2018

Having put the garden to bed in November 2016, we started back in mid March to a riot of colour mainly from daffodils and blue and white anemones.  In autumn, using the money we made from Emer’s plant sale, we had a low red brick wall built around the main front garden to match the [...]

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Kilgarvan, August 2016

Emer had a very successful plant sale in June and as a result of this and of a further very generous donation we now have another wooden bench to match the existing one.  There has been plenty of colour but drought and wind have been problems. Particularly good were verbena bonariensis with kalamgrostis karl foerster, [...]

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Spring-Summer 2016

Before we put the garden to bed in late autumn, we had planted a lot of bulbs and corms - mostly daffodils, tulips, eranthis and anemones so when we started back after St. Patrick's Day we had a great splash of colour.  Some of the annuals that we had planted last year had survived the [...]

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Mid October 2015

Emer’s plant sale on 13th June was a great success and the proceeds enabled us to get working in earnest on the project. Thanks to one of our group, the hugely overgrown griselinia at the back of the house was cleared resulting in a beautiful view over Dublin Bay. Ingrid’s patio plan was implemented, patio [...]

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Initial Clearance, Saturday February 21st 2015

Last Saturday 21st February Brendan and a group of volunteers came to clear the garden. My family members and their friends worked their backs off all day and achieved amazing results. Brendan had already pulled out many of the large shrubs with his ”grubber” I had never seen a grubber before and it is a [...]

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New Garden Project

As many of you will know we finished up our previous garden outreach project at The Alzheimer's Society Orchard Day Care Centre garden in early summer of last year, where we helped clear, plant and maintain the garden to the point where it could be handed over to a more permanent maintenance schedule. Dr. Mary [...]

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