Having put the garden to bed in November 2016, we started back in mid March to a riot of colour mainly from daffodils and blue and white anemones.  In autumn, using the money we made from Emer’s plant sale, we had a low red brick wall built around the main front garden to match the brickwork in the house.  We had also mulched all of the beds with Gee-up and some manure which we had and this certainly paid dividends as the beds were all in very good condition.  Our pots were looking great and weed control was good.

Since then, the colour display has continued with tulips, the great yellow peony in the front, amazing red/orange geums and a lot of the herbaceous perennials ready to open.  Our next big event is another plant sale in Emer’s house (26 Hyde Park, Dalkey) on Saturday 16th June when we hope to raise enough to continue the low wall along the other front bed.